The future of healthcare is homecare

Who We Are

Rotech is a national leader in providing ventilators, oxygen, sleep apnea treatment, wound care solutions, and home medical equipment. We help patients lead a more comfortable and productive life by keeping them engaged in their care and empowering them to manage their health and treatment at home.

Our team is composed of talented, innovative, and experienced professionals – respiratory clinicians, customer service representatives, Medicare and insurance experts, patient service technicians, and many more. They dedicate themselves to providing clinical excellence and exceptional, industry-leading service to our patients and customers throughout the entire patient journey. We consistently deliver on our mission to “Get it Right the First Time.”

Our core fundamentals guide every member of the Rotech team:

Our Executive Team

Robin Menchen, President and Chief Executive Officer
Dan Phan, Chief Financial Officer
Jackie DeVries, Chief Sales Officer
Joni Moss, Chief Administration Officer
Linda Reid, Chief Innovation Officer